Imagine libraries as a learning-playground, a learning ecology for life-long learning limitless in the inclusive, inspiring, and joyful opportunities for one and all. The possibilities for virtual, face-to-face, informal, or structured future-ready collaborative communities of practice are endless. Partner with me in #reimagininglibraries #metaliteracy and #makerliteracy 


Design Partner

I partner with people interested in transformative learning experiences. I connect with individuals and teams who are interested in inclusivity, student voice, and in the social, emotional wellbeing of the whole child. I partner with leaders who desire communities of practice built on trust and inquiry-based practices as an opportunity for reimagining learning ecologies.

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I design and facilitate collaborative sessions, workshops, online modules and podcasts about coaching and mentorship, designing with inclusive, transformative learning experiences in mind, professional learning design, medialiteracy, makerliteracy, open-hearted leadership.

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I write to learn. I write to understand myself and others. I publish case studies, narrative studies, and portraits about what is successful in an experience. I am a story catcher; someone who listens for others' lived experiences. I am a practitioner-based researcher interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning and on the measurement of impact through professional learning and communities of practices. A list of my publications and presentations are available from this link.

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Next Steps...

Life-long Learning is about engaging, transformative, inclusive, and joyful everyday experiences! As educators, leaders, parents, families, and community members, education can be everything we wish it to be and more!