Associate Professor, CTT for Learning Design & Technology | Digital Professional Learning Architect | Executive Coach for Educational Equity | Keynote Presenter & Panelist | Grant Writing Ethusiast | Thought Partner | Writer 

My career service has included leadership in the areas of P-20 educational leadership, professional learning, critical digital librarianship, corporate eLearning, instructional design, and coaching (executive and instructional).  I joined the Learning Design & Technology program within the School of Education and Human Development at University of Colorado Denver in 2006.

I have extensive experience in designing communities of practice (online, hybrid, or in-person) with coaching for equity support. I often utilize Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles to measure impact of evidence-based, job-embedded professional learning. I also study Guskey's model of evaluation (2000, 2016). I serve as a design and coaching consultant for online professional learning communities that are practitioner-led, include social, emotional and culturally responsive principles, and measure for impact. I also serve as a facilitator of professional learning for effective coaching practices. I am an associate professor, CTT, and am the program leader for the Learning Design & Technology graduate program and a faculty member for the Professional Learning concentration within the Leadership for Educational Equity EdD program within the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado-Denver. While I have been associated with CU-Denver since 2006, I spent six years simultaneously serving in the P-12 field to continue my professional growth as an Instructional Coach Administrator for district school coaches, as a Director of Educational Effectiveness, and as a Director of Professional Learning and Culturally Responsive Education (CRE). 

My research expertise is in qualitative methodologies: case study, narrative, focus groups, ethnography, and specifically, portraiture - written portrayals of what it means to be successful. I have written and been awarded 12 grants including three grants to implement school-based professional learning communities with coaching for CRE which were grant funded for over five million. My most recent publication is “The right blend: SEL supports teacher learning in person and online” (The Learning Professional, August 2020) along with 21 other journal articles; the majority focused on online and blended professional learning and coaching paired with over 36 presentations at national conferences. 

Areas of Applied Research

  • Social, Emotional & Cultural Learning 
  • Measuring for Professional Learning Impact
  • Coaching for Equity
  • Student Focus Groups
  • Portraiture as a Qualitative Method
  • Self-identified Transformation through Professional Learning Communities of Practice
  • Critical Digital Pedagogy & Librarianship 

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