Learning Experiences

How has social networking and media supported your personal and/or professional learning?

My Professional Learning Networks (PLN) span elearning, instructional design, transformative professional learning, inclusive practices, culturally responsive practices, educational leadership, reimagining libraries, design thinking, improvement science, instructional coaching, measuring for impact...and my newest exploration: imaginative and play-based learning.

My Personal Learning Networks focus on traveling, literature, plays, creative non-fiction and creative writing. I sometimes wonder if my professional and personal identities met online what they would say to each other? Creativity meets Academia seems to be the theme.

Primarily, I use Facebook for my personal connections. I share our travel adventures and my moments of gratitude within my life. I hear that only "older adults" (dating myself here) use Facebook anymore, but I try to ignore this stereotypical message and enjoy my own experience. I like connecting with my friends from across the world that I may not otherwise get to see. I don't post a lot and when I do, it is postive. It can be like receiving a random good morning or a smile when you least expect it.

When and how do our network platforms merge?
Last spring I created a Facebook page where I share a very occasional podcast or blog entry about being an educator and mother of a son with high-functioning autism. I am lucky and privileged to say that our experiences have turned out well. It has been a journey navigating through public education and social norms.  I decided I wanted to share heart-felt messages about these experiences to provide hope to other parents and educators. I hope to add some more podcasts.

Twitter has been a professional learning network for me. This is a social media platform where I wonder how to merge both my personal and professional networks. Is it possible? How does one merge the two knowing that my professional contacts on twitter will also see my personal inquiries? Does anyone experience this wondering?

YouTube: My husband has used YouTube for home maintenance. And most recently, we watched travel vlogs before our trip to Denmark and Sweden. (Side note: I would love to create a travel vlog and am taking a Saturdaytravel writing workshop next month!) Imagine our excitement when we found the restaurant in Sweden that we had watched on YouTube! And the swedish meatballs were as delicious as exclaimed in the vlog.

One of my Pinterest boards is home to a "In Search of the Best Calarami" which gets a few grins and is a a fun, international quest for me. Most recently, I added a favorite from Isla Mujeres.

There are many more social media tools and platforms that I haven't mentioned, but what about you?

  • How has social networking and media supported your personal and/or professional learning?
  • How is social networking and media incorporated into your PLN, if it is?